High Speed UV Ink RFID cloth hang tag Inkjet Printer

Short Description:

This hang tag Inkjet Printer is a UV coding equipment with high precision, high sensitivity, simple operation and convenience. The coding and layout software is flexible, and it can edit the variable information database quickly and accurately. It supports a variety of barcodes, QR codes, characters, and graphics. The inkjet code is linked with the whole platform, and the control function is powerful and flexible. The UV variable data inkjet system adopts industrial piezoelectric nozzle and DOD inkjet control technology. The nozzle has a long service life, low maintenance cost, and does not touch the surface of the product, so it will not cause any damage to the product, the effect is clear, and the price is favorable , Which saves you processing costs and processing time. The ink path of the UV inkjet printer is the lifeblood of the entire machine, and the stable and efficient production depends on the UV inkjet system and ink path. Our Hang tag Inkjet Printer adopt a negative pressure system, which can effectively prevent UV ink from depositing on the nozzle and avoid the clogging of the nozzle.

Product Detail

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The application module can be added as required. Imported components are used for the ink supply and negative pressure control system. The negative pressure intelligent control is accurate and the ink supply is stable. Equipped with nozzle sealing moisturizing cover and cleaning system, the nozzle is easy to maintain, simple and fast, and has a long life. 

The negative pressure control system adopts the invention patent of HAE, the accuracy is guaranteed to be plus or minus 0.01Pa, and the stability of the printing quality is guaranteed. It is an indispensable ideal equipment for printing, label, sign, tag and other industries. The production standard card output up to 12000-18000 per hour.

Hang Tag Inkjet Printer Features

1. The database records the printed information and supports the anti-duplication function.

2. Typesetting is easy to learn, quick to operate, and what you see is what you want to print.

3. Flexible typesetting mode, seamless printing, typesetting and printing of barcodes, variable data, date, time, batch number, pattern, serial number, variable Chinese, English, numbers, one-dimensional, printing in any printing area Anti-counterfeiting information such as two-dimensional bar codes.

4. Customers can choose up to 14 categories of barcode according to their needs, up to more than 100 kinds.

5. Special software and special supervision codes can be customized according to customer needs.

6. Support importing 20 million data at a time.

7. Support generating print log records

8. Equipped with automatic memory function of printing template, only need to input file name and bind new data file to start printing, saving materials and improving production efficiency.

9. The longitudinal printing resolution of the print head can be set from 150DPI-1200DPI, which can meet the needs of surface tension of different materials and save ink.

10. The software system can be upgraded remotely and free lifetime software upgrade service is provided (when there is an updated version)

Hang Tag Inkjet Printer Specification

Model HAE540
Print Head From Japan
Single heads 54.0mm
Max.Width 54mm×24 Seamless Joint
Structure Online Printing
Inks Original SGS UV Inks
System Windows 7


Power AC 200~240V/50~60Hz

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