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The HAE-3000 Series inkjet coding machine is developed based on HP TIJ 2.5 printing technology and has the characteristics of high resolution and high reliability.

HAE-3000 Series inkjet coder printer can connect up to 8 print heads, and the print height can reach 101.6mm. Equipped with a 7-inch display, it is light in weight and can be installed in a limited space area. Equipped with a 7-inch display. EC Series can be connected to PLC via Ethernet and is suitable for various automated production systems. In addition, HAE-3000 Series batch coding machine can also print real-time text, and can carry out real-time control. HAE-3000 Series coding inkjet printer has many special functions and customized versions for different industries. And each nozzle can print different content as an independent individual, and can also receive different production line speeds or electric eye signals.

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Thermal inkjet printer Features
1.The multifunctional inkjet printer can be connected to 8 print heads, any combination is suitable for various automated production systems. Each print head can work independently.
2.The Thermal Inkjet printer has the characteristics of high stability and high reliability.
3.The Industrial Inkjet Printer can print real-time text and can be controlled in real time.
4. Easy to operate and Maintain 5. High Printing resolution

Thermal Inkjet printer Machine maintenance

◆Avoid the machine in the following environment: static electricity, strong electromagnetic, high temperature, high humidity, vibration, dust.

◆Avoid using the same group of power supplies with equipment that is likely to cause power interference such as high-power motors.

◆When replacing the ink cartridge, please cancel the current printing or pause printing.

◆Be sure to turn off the device when plugging or unplugging the printing cable.

◆When cleaning the machine, please unplug the power plug.

◆When repairing, be sure to cut off the power supply, as there is a risk of electric shock.

◆Unplug the machine's power when not in use for a long time

Continuous Inkjet Printer Specification
Item HAE-3000  series
Printing System HP  TIJ 2.5
Printing Height 1-101.6mm (1-8 heads for choice)
Printing Speed 40m/min
Interface USBRJ45
Display 7” Touch screen
Printing Content Text, Bar code, QR code, Variable date, logo
Others Analog speed printinganalog sensor printing
Power 110-220VAC 50/60Hz
Max Using Power 120W
Working Temperature / Humidity Temperature 5℃35℃;Humidity 10%90%
Packing Size 450*350 *150 mmL*W*H
Packing Weight 4Kg/1HEAD, 5Kg/2HEAD, 6Kg/2HEAD, 7Kg/2HEAD

Thermal inkjet printer Application

HAE-2000 EA series packaging coding system, mainly used for printing on packaging, 1D code, 2D code,

production date, serial number, product batch number, etc. The specific industry applications are as follows:

1. Food industry (paper packaging, film packaging, various biscuits and boxed food packaging, etc.);

2. Building materials industry (various density board, blockboard, solid wood board, asbestos board, wooden floor, etc.);

3. Other industries (bottled paper labels, paper labels on bottles, paper labels on medicine bottles, boutique boxes, etc.).


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