The difference between ordinary inkjet printer and barcode inkjet printer

The circulation barcodes of commodities can be seen everywhere. For example, the commodities on the supermarket shelves are attached with barcodes. However, many people do not know that there are certain difficulties in the process of barcode assignment, especially the variable data barcode system is even more difficult. , So barcode printers are getting more and more attention, so what are the differences between traditional ordinary printers and barcode printers? Today, Xiaobian will talk to you about it, and I hope it will be helpful to the majority of users when purchasing barcode printers.

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In fact, there is not much difference between ordinary inkjet printers and barcode inkjet printers in essence, so what is the difference between them? The main difference lies in the software level. The other differences are the following points that the editor will focus on today:


1. Are all small character inkjet printers just bar code inkjet printers?


Everyone understands whether barcodes include barcodes and two-dimensional codes, which can be completed with small character inkjet printers. From the perspective of packaging types, for example, on some cartons and cartons, if the resolution requirements are relatively high, we would like to To achieve the printing effect of the printed body, it is difficult to achieve if a small character inkjet printer is used. At this time, you can choose UV inkjet printer and thermal foam inkjet printer. Because of the high adhesion and penetration force on the surface of the material, the characteristics of these two inkjet printers are that the drying speed of the ink is slow, but the effect of printing can be Up to 500DPI for print-like effects.


2. How much is a HAE barcode inkjet printer?


How much is a barcode inkjet printer currently in the market? In fact, it is difficult to answer this question alone, because the prices of different types of barcode printers are also different. Generally, the price of equipment that can complete the dynamic online printing of barcodes in small character inkjet printers is generally between 20,000 and 30,000 yuan. If there are many applications, the production line speed is faster, and you need to choose a UV inkjet printer, the price will be higher.


Because of its software characteristics, HAE UV inkjet printer is especially suitable for carton inkjet marking. It can print various variable data in real time, including barcode, QR code, electronic supervision code, traceability code, anti-counterfeiting code, UDI code, date and time. , shift group number, calculator, graph, table, database, etc. The current price of this type of inkjet printer mainly depends on the number of nozzles. If multiple nozzles are seamlessly spliced ​​to achieve large-size QR code printing, the price will be higher. According to the difference between smart factories and production and processing lines, we may also need to carry out supporting requirements for automation equipment. At this time, it will involve machine customization, motion control design, and installation of visual inspection systems, and the price will be higher. Large fluctuations need to be customized according to specific actual production needs.

Beside that, HAE have developed A4 height UV inkjet printer for paper shopping bag printing and pizza box printing.


To sum up, it is not difficult to see that barcode is one of the types of inkjet printers, and it is a subdivision field. In this subdivision field, we have seen samples of various brands of inkjet printer manufacturers. , and also saw the gap between the actual requirements of customers and reality. HAE fully automatic barcode high-speed UV inkjet printer has been independently developed for 16 years by the micro-embedded logo – side-jet type, built-in a variety of commonly used font libraries, and supports the font import function, users can import their own fonts, support pinyin input method, handwriting input method etc., the software provides interfaces to support secondary development. The print head is a double-row ink inlet tube with fine ink dots and a fully enclosed print head for grayscale printing, waterproof and anti-aging. The print head has a built-in constant temperature system, and the printing voltage can be adjusted with the temperature to obtain a more stable printing state. Finally, we hope that through continuous summarization and sharing, Wuhan HAE can provide reference value for some users who want to buy barcode printers.


Post time: Apr-27-2022