The function and application industry of UV inkjet printer

In the label (label) manufacturing industry, due to the different needs of manufacturers in different industries, UV inkjet printers have high precision, high efficiency, high recognition rate and universal functional characteristics that make it in the label (label) manufacturing industry market. It is becoming more and more popular.

What technology does UV inkjet printer use? What industries can UV inkjet code be applied to?

UV inkjet printer is also called piezoelectric inkjet printer. The reason why it is called is related to its working principle. It mainly uses piezoelectric nozzles. The working principle is that 128 or more piezoelectric crystals are used to control multiple nozzle holes on the nozzle plate through the integrated nozzle. After processing by the CPU, a series of electrical signals are output to each piezoelectric through the drive board. Crystals, piezoelectric crystals are deformed, and a strong pulse voltage is applied to the piezoelectric crystals. The volume of the liquid storage device in the structure will suddenly change, so the fluid is ejected from the fixed small holes and falls on the surface of the moving object. Dot matrix to form text, numbers or graphics. The piezoelectric UV inkjet printer is convenient and quick to operate, simple to install, and its inkjet printing function is also very powerful.

The printing function of UV inkjet printer can help you to print real-time data, variable data bar code, two-dimensional code, rainbow code and other content information. It can help you achieve simultaneous printing of multiple nozzles, improve overall production efficiency and reduce labor costs. It is a more popular automatic coding equipment in the sign industry at this stage.

UV inkjet printers are widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical, label printing, card printing, packaging and printing, medical, electronics, hardware and other industries. It can be used in aluminum, ceramic tiles, glass, wood, metal, acrylic, plastic, Logo printing on flat materials such as leather and products such as bags and cartons.

UV inkjet printer can print all kinds of variable data in real time, including barcode, QR code, electronic supervision code, traceability code, anti-counterfeiting code, UDI code, date and time, shift group number, calculator, graph, table, database, etc. . Applicable products include mobile phone displays, beverage bottle caps, food packaging bags, medicine boxes, plastic steel doors and windows, aluminum alloys, batteries, plastic pipes, steel plates, circuit boards, chips, woven bags, medical equipment, brake pads, mobile phone casings, cartons, Motors, transformers, inner panels of water meters, gypsum boards, PCB circuit boards, outer packaging, etc.

Wuhan HAE Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on inkjet printing technology for more than 15 years. Its self-developed high-definition large inkjet printer UV inkjet printer HAE-W5400 is taken as an example. Its nozzle adopts imported industrial piezoelectric nozzles and intelligent electronic control negative Pressure ink supply system. The printing effect reaches a high resolution of 300DPI to 1440DPI, which is equivalent to the printing effect; solid fonts with clear printing marks, barcode and two-dimensional code scanning recognition rate is very high. At the same time, the printing height can reach 32.4mm or 54mm. Purchase consumables, lifelong maintenance, if you need this, you can directly contact Wuhan HAE Technology Co., Ltd. Mob. & Whatsapp: +86 189 7131 9622

UV inkjet printer Advantages and Operation process

The UV inkjet printer is a kind of Ultraviolet ink that needs ultraviolet radiation to dry, so we call it UV inkjet printer.

UV inkjet printer is the latest new type of inkjet printer developed in the past two years. Its advantage is that it breaks through the bottleneck of printing technology, is not restricted by any material, and can realize inkjet marking on various materials, which truly realizes that printing can be completed at one time without making a plate. UV inkjet printers are widely used in card making, labeling, printing and flexible packaging, hardware accessories, beverages and dairy products, pharmaceutical and health care products, bottle caps, electronics, food, carton printing, and seed fertilizer industries. So what are the operating procedures and advantages of ink UV inkjet printers?

The operation process of UV inkjet printer are as follows:

1. After receiving the machine, it is best to charge it until the charger is green light before using it (shut down, remove the ink cartridge to charge, unplug the battery and insert it into the battery charging hole to charge)

2. The installation of the ink cartridge should be aligned with the nozzle position, and it should be carried out when the machine is turned off. Do not use excessive force to insert or remove it. After inserting it, check whether the nozzle is in place.

3. After the machine is edited, press the screen start printing button, then press the print button on the handle and release it to start scrolling printing.

4. When you are not using the machine, you need to cancel the print button first and then turn off the power. Take off the ink cartridge at 45 degrees and place it in our matching ink cartridge buckle (the buckle must not be lost, because it is a quick-drying ink cartridge. If it is snapped, the ink cartridge will dry out quickly, and it will be damaged over time). (It is best to wrap the outside with plastic wrap or plastic bag to isolate the ink cartridge nozzle from the air)

5. Before using the ink cartridge again, you need to hold the nozzle position with a paper towel and gently shake it several times. The ink cartridge itself has ink, and there will be a little precipitation if it is not used for a long time.

The advantages of UV inkjet printers are as following:

1. High-quality printing effect

2. Online printing of variable QR code data

3. High efficiency, large-scale batch production operation, speed 0-300 meters

4. Ink cost is relatively low, only one-tenth of thermal foaming

5. Simple maintenance and operation costs

6. UV ink is not easy to block

7. High-quality printing effect

The above is a brief introduction to the operation process and advantages of the ink UV inkjet printer. If you have other questions about the inkjet printer, you can consult Wuhan HAE Technology Co., Ltd. Mob. & whatsapp & wechat: +86 189 7131 9622

Ow does the manufacturer choose the right date inkjet printer?

The general requirements for product packaging production and effective date coding are: the printing content is neat, correct, clear and firm. There are different inkjet printers that can print simple characters such as packaging production date and batch number. Which inkjet printer is better to print the production date on the product packaging? This also depends on the material of the product packaging.
If just print some simple characters such as the production date and expiration date. Many inkjet printers can achieve this printing request, such as UV inkjet printers, small character inkjet printers, laser marking machine and high-resolution inkjet printers. However, different inkjet printers function and application are different.
How to choose the right inkjet printer to print production & expiry date according to the product packaging material and machine characteristics?

High resolution UV inkjet printer

UV inkjet printers can use arranging nozzles or epson nozzles, and there are monochrome and color UV inkjet printers to choose from

UV inkjet printer adopts ink continuous supply system, low cost, stable machine, printing pixels up to 1200dpi, fast speed, good adhesion, no nozzle clogging, easy maintenance, etc.

Small character inkjet printer

Its working principle is that the ink enters the spray chamber under pressure, and the spray chamber is equipped with a crystal oscillator. Through vibration, the ink is sprayed from the nozzle with a very small aperture to form a fixed interval point. Through the processing and phase tracking of the CPU, through charging Some ink dots on the pole are charged with different electric nuclei and undergo different offsets under a high-voltage magnetic field of several thousand volts. They fly out of the nozzle and fall on the surface of the moving product to form a dot matrix, thereby forming text, numbers or graphics. .

In the food and beverage industry, small character inkjet printers are widely used for bottle printing date and batch number. The ink drying speed is faster, the printing distance is longer, and the material requirements are also very low. However, the resolution of small character inkjet printers is low, and the limitations are large. The printed fonts are dotted non-solid fonts, but the printed bar code and qr code cannot be read.

Laser marking machine

laser marking machine use different lasers to strike the laser beam on the surface of various materials. The surface material is physically or chemically changed through light energy, thereby engraving patterns, trademarks, and texts. Logo marking equipment.

Compared with inkjet printers, it need to clean the nozzles, and maintenance is simple. Only the laser needs to be replaced over life, and the laser marking is permanently difficult to be tampered with. But the applicability of the product is poor, and the material that is not used requires a different laser

High resolution inkjet printer

High resolution inkjet printer is also called high resolution inkjet printer, its printing resolution exceeds 200DPI

Compared with the piezoelectric UV inkjet printer, the thermal foam inkjet printer needs to heat the ink during use, and the ink is prone to chemical changes at high temperatures, and the nature is unstable, and the color authenticity will be affected to a certain extent. .

In summary, below are the advise for packaging and production date inkjet printer choice as follows:

①Considering the purchase cost, thermal foam inkjet printers and small character inkjet printers have lower initial costs, and the later consumables and inks are expensive, which are only suitable for small batch production.

②Considering the printing speed, the inkjet printer has fast printing speed and high efficiency, which is the first choice for marking equipment for enterprises with large production volume.

③Considering the cost of consumables, the laser printer only needs to replace the laser. If it is properly maintained, it can be used for a long time, with a long life span, and the working room can reach tens of thousands of hours.

④ Considering the printing resolution, the laser inkjet printer's printing resolution is higher than that of the small character inkjet printer, but lower than the high-resolution inkjet printer.

The above are some methods for purchasing the production & expiration date inkjet printer summarized by Wuhan HAE Technology Co., Ltd. for manufacturers, and there are other questions about inkjet printers, please consult +86 189 7131 9622