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Model No.: HAE-D254 Introduction:

Inkjet Code Machine can print various bar codes, QR codes, patterns, dates, serial numbers, etc., on product parts, and have a wide range of applications in the production and circulation of products. Inkjet Printer Date Code Mainly use TIJ inkjet technology. It is suitable for printing small batch products, it has the advantages of low cost, convenient use and high efficiency.

Date TIJ Printer have two printing height options of 1-12.7mm and 1-25.4mm, with buttons, pedals and sensors for two options. Optional accessories are pedals, sensors, positioning boards

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Static inkjet printer Features
• Edit printing content on machine or print content in USB

• Can print different content like qr code, bar code, time, date , number logo etc.

• Three printing method for choice

• Fit 3000pcs printing request one day

• Easy operation

• Can display the ink stock, can display the printable quantity

Static inkjet printer Application
Can be used in different industrial on glass, plastic, metal, paper etc. material

Static inkjet printer Specification

Item HAE-D127 HAE-D254
Display Screen 7” LED display
Printing Height 1.5 - 12.7 mm 1.5-25.4mm
Printing Lines  1- 8 Líneas
Printing Content Alphanumeric, logo, date, time, expiration date,series number, lot number and variable bar code and qr code
Printing Resolution 300-600 DPI
Printing content length Up to 11cm
Printing Depth 10mm
Ink Cartridge Volume 42mm 55mm
Ink cartridge consumption 500000pcs character in 2mm
Ink Volume stock level Display
Application material metal, plastic, wood, building material, carton, electric product, tube, bag etc.
Ink Colors For Choice Black, green, red, blue, white
Ink Consumption 42ml/pcs, can print character “a” in 2mm about 20,000,000 pcs
Option Foot switch, Location plate, sensor
Dimension 220x 155x 160mm  (L/W/H)
Weight 2.5kg
Packing Information 250x 250x 200mm (L/W/H); 3kg


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