Industrial Variable Bar Code Online Inkjet Printer date code machine

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HAE thermal Online inkjet printer can achieve coding on high-speed production lines, which is convenient for product promotion and tracking, and better guarantees the traceability and safety of products. The HAE-1000 Online inkjet printer based on thermal foaming inkjet technology is suitable for fast production lines in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries. It can print high-resolution variable data, one-dimensional and two-dimensional codes, logo, date, Text, serial number, etc. In addition, the HAE-1000 printer is also suitable for coding in harsh environments such as dust and humidity.

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The HAE-1000 Variable Bar Code inkjet printer is easy to maintain. It adopts a print head and ink cartridge design with no moving parts. The ink cartridge is installed in a snap style, which is easy, simple and reliable to spray code. During the maintenance process of the operator, the impact on the production line can be minimized, and the maintenance is easy. HAE-1000 supporting software runs on the window system, you can edit the printing content and control the printer on the software, and print TXT or CSV variable data. HAE-1000 can print variable qr codes and bar codes with high speed, high accuracy and 600dpi high resolution. Flexible print head options can print content height from 12.7mm to 304.8mm
Variable data printing generally prints variable information on a paper card or prints bar codes and serial numbers on a business form, or in magazines.

Variable Bar Code inkjet printer Features
• Can print different variable data, easily readable

• High printing speed up to 304M/M
• Easy operation

• High Printing resolution up to 600dpi
• Easy maintenance

Machine maintenance

◆Avoid the machine in the following environment: static electricity, strong electromagnetic, high temperature, high humidity, vibration, dust.

◆Avoid using the same group of power supplies with equipment that is likely to cause power interference such as high-power motors.

◆When replacing the ink cartridge, please cancel the current printing or pause printing.

◆Be sure to turn off the device when plugging or unplugging the printing cable.

◆When cleaning the machine, please unplug the power plug.

◆When repairing, be sure to cut off the power supply, as there is a risk of electric shock.

◆Unplug the machine's power when not in use for a long time

Online inkjet printer Application
TIJ inkjet printer technology is widely used in many fields of industrial printing, such as postal services, digital postage, product identification, order printing, industrial printing, marking, etc., mainly to print a variety of variable information, including name information, numbers, text, qr codes, bar codes, serial numbers, color images, etc.


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