Save Ink Tips

The popularity of the printer is believed to be without rumors. The print shops everywhere, the offices of large and small enterprises, and printers are unknowingly integrated into our daily work and life. The popularity of printers has made us a lot of work and life, but its consumables and printing costs have also become a concern and headache for many users. What exactly can be done to print, but also can effectively save the printing cost? This article for everyone to sort out some ink-jet printer ink-saving techniques, I believe that in the process of using your printer, more or less can be used to accumulate less, in order to fundamentally save costs.
First of all, it is very important to choose the print mode. Many users will forget such a small detail when they are busy. In fact, such a small detail, but there is a "university ask." General printers have a variety of print modes such as default, ink save and so on, which can output different print precisions. Users can choose according to their own actual needs, such as outputting pictures with default settings, outputting ordinary documents using ink save mode, etc. Can effectively save ink, but also improve the printing speed.

Different print modes have different effects, with different ink levels

If you do not require a good picture and print quality, we recommend that you use the "economic printing mode" function, which can save about half of the ink, and can greatly improve the printing speed.

In addition, the general ink-jet printer is started every time, the printer should automatically clean the print head and initialize the printer once, and automatically fill ink, this result will make a lot of ink is wasted, so it is best not to let it frequently switch Machines, to prevent the inkjet printer from automatically performing print head cleaning procedures each time it is started, which consumes a certain amount of ink and causes unnecessary waste. Therefore, it is also an important means to save ink by printing printed materials.

Centralized printing of documents is also a necessary means of saving the ink

Many of my friends will often replace the ink cartridges, thinking that this can be a good maintenance of the printer, but in fact this is the wrong approach. Some friends will also say that I chose a printer that uses original supplies and compatible consumables alternately. When using high-quality printing, use original consumables. When printing unimportant documents, replace them with compatible consumables. This is not only guaranteeing the printing. The quality, but also saves ink, not "kill two birds with one stone"? How is it wrong?

The reason is that this will result in double waste, because the printer will automatically perform flushing of the printheads and ink refilling of the lines each time the ink cartridges are replaced. It seems to be saving, in fact, is a greater waste, which is a misunderstanding that many printer users do not know.

Sometimes you feel that the ink has run out, but in fact it still has excess. The ink jet printer detects the ink level in the ink cartridge through an inductive sensor. Whenever the sensor detects that the amount of ink in one ink is less than the value set in the printer, it prompts the replacement. Ink cartridges.

Therefore, we usually pay attention to the average use of the last color when using inkjet printing, which will extend the life of the cartridge. At the same time, if you have prompted the need to replace the ink cartridge, you can remove the ink cartridge, use non-adhesive tape to seal the ink outlet hole, hold the ink cartridge with one hand, and draw an arc in the air, which will help the centrifugal force to throw the ink to the position of the ink outlet hole. Temporarily extend the life of the ink cartridge.

Do not replace the ink cartridges frequently. Properly throwing them can temporarily extend the life of the ink cartridges.

In the same way, the cleaning of the print needles should also be careful not to be too frequent. Most ink-jet printers will automatically clean the print head when it is turned on, and have buttons to clean the print head. There are also three-speed cleaning functions for quick cleaning, regular cleaning, and thorough cleaning. Many users feel that the printer's automatic cleaning will not be clean, so manual cleaning will often occur, and manual cleaning will rarely follow the manual cleaning procedures and precautions. Instead, it will result in less efforts and even damage the printer.

In fact, in the process of using the printer, as long as it is not a special need, it is generally better to use quick cleaning, and the more waste the ink is washed, the more it will be. If the integrated print head that is left unused for a long period of time is clogged with ink due to dryness, it can be soaked in hot water and then cleaned. When cleaning, care should be taken to avoid sharp metal collisions and friction. Do not touch the print head with your hands, so as not to affect the ink jet work. In addition, it is necessary to confirm the power-off state when cleaning, and pay attention to safety. Finally, we must pay attention not to place the nozzle in dusty and dusty places, and to avoid soiling the nozzle.

Do not frequently clean the printer head

There is also a way to save the ink, starting from the materials that need to be printed and preparing for ink saving at the source. Do not know if you have not found that the current inkjet printers support the page layout method to print files, use this method to print, you can focus on a few pages of information to print out. When printing proofs, combining this function with the economic model can save a lot of ink.

In addition, many times we will encounter a situation where black or some other dark color will appear as the background color on the printed page. If it is not necessary, we should try to avoid such a page from the perspective of saving ink. Print because it wastes ink. If possible, replace these dark colors with relatively lighter colors. Sometimes very dark colors or black prints are not only wasteful ink, but also print out the effect is not ideal.

Print a few sheets of information together to save a lot of ink

Finally, we must also teach you a very useful coup, that is, choose a quality guaranteed compatibility ink! In fact, in the final analysis, the cost is really high, the most basic is the original ink cost is too high, many users are very headache, the original ink is so expensive, each time I think it is "big bleeding." But without the original, but also afraid of quality is not guaranteed, more harm than good.

Many of the inks supplied by many third-party manufacturers are still very good quality, although they are still not comparable to the original ones, and the quality of compatibility inks on the market is still mixed. If you want to buy a compatible ink, you may still want to Take some effort. However, there are always good things, as long as you make a good comparison, choose a reliable dealer, then in the mixed ink compatible market to buy a more satisfactory ink, it is not difficult.

Choosing trusted compatible ink cartridges also saves money

In fact, there are many techniques for saving ink. The ones introduced in this article are only typical and representative. In any case, I hope to bring convenience to everyone. After all, today's skyrocketing prices are the ones that many users are pursuing.

Post time: Jul-16-2021