Single pass online industrial inkjet printer Directly printing full colour images and variable data on different packaging

Short Description:

Model No.: HAE-HPX452


HAE Full color online inkjet printer be used in the food industry while achieving sustainability printing on different packaging material like cardboard, plastic, wood and EPS etc.

Our printers are integrated into existing packaging lines, collaborative robots and various automation projects for down printing or side printing.

Because our printers have excellent resolution and color quality, we bring communication and advertising value to packaging.

We have improved the efficiency of the packaging customization process because our system equates energy and supply consumption to improve savings.

Due to the performance and connectivity of the equipment, the full color online inkjet printer efficiently prints text and small-format alphanumeric codes, logos, QR codes and all types of data definitively regardless of temperature and humidity conditions.
There are different printer nozzle for choice like HPX452, Epson WF4720, I3200, D3000, Ricoh G5I, one printer can combine 4 nozzles at most for different printing content height request during actual production request.

Product Detail

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Item Single Pass Industrial InkJet Printer
Print Speed 1-40M per minute (printing resolution 720x 300dpi);
1-20M per minute (printing resolution 1440x 300dpi);
Printing head HPX452, Option Epson WF4720, I3200, D3000, Ricoh G5I
Operating interface Language Any language
Printing content Time, Date, Number, Code, Logo, Text, Bar code, Qr code etc.
Printing material Mask, Metal, plastic, glass, wood, paper,Fabric etc
Printing lines printing lines withing printing height
Printing heights 1-217mm (1 head)
1-434mm (2 heads)
1-651mm (3 heads)
1-868mm (4 heads)
Printing distance 1-5mm, the best distance is 2mm
Printing direction 0-360 degree adjustable
Ink supply system Integrated negative pressure ink supply system
Ink UV ink
Ink color black, blue, red,white, yellow
LED Display 13 inch touch screen PC
Communication interface USB connector
Operating Environment 0-50 Degree, below 90%(humidity)
Power 110-230VAC, 50/60HZ, 100W
Option paging conveyor etc. (can customize others)

Single Pass Industrial InkJet Printer Printable products

Mask, Cardboard, glossy paper, art paper, paper, fabrics, wood, plastic, metal, nylon, EPS, and more


Color UV Inkjet Printer Advantages


High Printing resolution up to 1440dpi
Practically zero maintenance

No interruptions when adding consumables

Inclined printing from any angle ;

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