uv wall printers and floor printers to save the amount of ink five tips

uv Wall printers and online color inkjet printer use a big cost in the process is the amount of ink consumption, the more ink users to master the skills to save the amount of ink, the accumulation of a long time, at least 10% of the cost of uv ink can be saved.

1, choose the right uv ink

Generally do not easily use non-original cartridges, because the vast majority of cartridges have sponge, non-original cartridges with more dissolved sponge, the ink outlet using stainless steel filters do not meet the requirements, it is easy to cause nozzle blockage.

2、Solve the off-color phenomenon before it is too late

If the uv wall printer prints out the color and the color displayed on the screen is inconsistent, it means that the spraying of the phenomenon of color deviation. The main reason for this phenomenon is improper software settings, or due to the driver version is too low, or the user in the print software settings for some inappropriate settings, encounter this situation, need to be resolved in a timely manner.

3, do not frequently start uv wall printers and floor printer

uv printer do not let it start frequently, because every time you start, the device has to clean the nozzle, to waste some ink, if you choose industrial high-end uv printer, you can set a short time to restart without cleaning the nozzle to save ink.

4, choose the right print mode

uv wall printers provide 4-6 printing modes, different printing modes consume different levels of ink. If it is ordinary production of spray painting, it can be set to 4pass production mode accuracy to print. The pursuit of high precision, you can choose 6pass, 8pass and other modes of pattern spray painting.

5, uv ink storage

To be placed in the ventilation, backlighting, shelves, do not place on the ground, pay attention to the shelf life of the ink is usually within 1 year, many users do not pay attention to the ink placed on the ground, especially in winter, it is easy to cause the ink to solidify and precipitate and thus scrapped, which is a great loss.

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Post time: Aug-18-2022