Mini Portable date coder inkjet handheld printer

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The 530 Inkjet handheld printer is equipped with a 4.3″ large-size touch screen, integrated editing and printing, you can edit information through the built-in touch screen, or you can communicate via USB to quickly complete information editing, input, adjustment, and transmission.

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The Handheld date coding machine adopts a new barcode printing function, which can print two-dimensional codes (QR codes) and barcodes; double the height of the inkjet code, and can print complex and small logos and graphics; custom fonts are available

The portable qr code printer does not need to waste time to transport the product to a certain fixed position. You can carry the thermal inkjet printer with you to mark anytime and anywhere, which greatly improves the convenience and efficiency of inkjet printing. And the machine has good battery life, it can be used continuously for 10 hours on a single charge, even if it is used outdoors, there is no need to worry about the embarrassment of power failure

The quality of the handheld coding machine complies with European CE standards and certifications. The nozzle adopts HP thermal inkjet printing technology, which is wear-resistant and durable, and the nozzle structure is precise and small, which ensures the beautiful printing effect and the long-term stable operation of the machine.

Display Screen 5” LED display
Printing Height 1.5 - 12.7 mm
Printing Lines  1- 8 Líneas
Printing Content Alphanumeric, logo, date, time, expiration date,series number, lot number and      fixed bar code and qr code
Printing Resolution 600 DPI
Message storage capacity Store up to 1000 messages with USB
Content Length  more than 2000 characters per printing content
Ink Colors For Choice Black, white, yellow, green, red, blue, UV
Ink Consumption 42ml/pcs, can print character “a” in 2mm about 20,000,000 pcs
Printing Speed 80 m / min (Online Type )
Dimension (L/W/H) 135x 128x 200MM
Weight 1.18Kg-exclude cartridge and battery( Handheld type )
Packing Dimension 34x 20x 25cm (Machine)
(L/W/H) 62x 19x 10cm (Shelf Holder + Sensor)
Packing Weight 5kg (Machine ; 5kg (Shelf holder+sensor)

Portable inkjet printer Features
Compact and portable, flexible printing

A single text message can be up to 1300 characters

The height range of the print font is 1~12.7 mm

Industrial grade, intelligent information

Equipped with quick-drying ink to ensure a clean and tidy printing surface

Built-in industrial customized battery, charging for 2.5 hours, can work for 12 hours without interruption

Portable inkjet printer Application
Print on flat, curved, spherical, smooth and rough surfaces

Metal, cable and wire, steel, petroleum, cement, wood, stone, glass and other materials 

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