How to maintain the inkjet printer daily?

The nozzle is one of the important components of the inkjet printer and one of the most delicate components. The use of the nozzle focuses on maintenance and maintenance. The quality of maintenance and maintenance directly determines the use effect and service life of the inkjet printer. How to Bring more profit to your equipment? Extending the working life of the nozzle is one of the means to reduce costs. Here’s how to extend nozzle life:

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If the indoor equipment does not work properly, the dust can easily enter the main ink cartridge and enter the auxiliary ink cartridge again, affecting the printing effect of the nozzle and shortening the life of the nozzle.


The nozzle part of the nozzle surface cannot rub against any object, and the fine hairs are easy to hang on the nozzle surface. It will cause the plug and ink to fall off and affect the spray effect. Therefore, it is also important to operate the equipment strictly according to the requirements.


All accessories of the inkjet printer have their purpose and cannot be dismantled casually. Main cartridge, sub-cartridge, filter, etc.


The quality of the ink directly affects the quality of the screen, and the nozzle also has an impact. It is best to use inks recommended by the device manufacturer. Because these inks have undergone rigorous and long-term testing, the nozzles are guaranteed. Do not add anything to the ink.


Before the printer is powered off, the nozzle must be cleaned, and the nozzle should be placed on the nozzle cover with moisturizing sponge pad, so as to ensure the nozzle state and spray quality, and extend the life of the nozzle to a certain extent. Nozzle Maintenance

Nozzle maintenance

The nozzle is the most fragile core component in the nozzle, so the nozzle should be placed gently to avoid damage to the above parts. Jet nozzles have an aperture between 45 microns and 72 microns, and the recovery holes have an inner diameter of about 2 mm, and both parts must be cleaned separately before all shutdowns.

Post time: May-18-2022